We want to create a vacuum airship, that can be used in Marsian atmosphere. We want to built an Amarship, that supports the flying drones on Mars. Beeing used as a communication hub or recharging station for drones, beeing able to fly long distances and do wide range scanning and carry payload, our Amarship shall support the drone network on Mars and therefore create new possibilities and useful aids for humans on Mars.


It is a great opportunity to be able to work on an innovative idea with the support of TAMK and NASA. Together believing in the idea, that students come up with innovative solutions that could be implemented on Mars in the future, we are highly motivated to work on our project. Together, we can get closer to the vision of sustainable human living on Mars.


The NASA Epic Challenge is a project of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), collaborating with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This NASA Epic Challenge takes place during fall semester 2017 and spring semester 2018.
Our work will take place in a local setting in Tampere with a remote connection to NASA and to its experts.
The team consists of four team members. We work together in project meeting and present ideas, the project status and problems in a weekly workshop with other project teams and teachers of TAMK. During this workshop, we are able to learn more about different methods and develop further skills. Besides that, each individual gains more knowledge through interest and own motivation.